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Real Life Zuma…

So I came across this mural a few weeks ago as I was on my way to the voting booths. My fellow video game nerds will immediately notice the similarities between this lovely mural and the stage select screen for the Xbox Live Arcade game Zuma Deluxe. Is this an example of video games borrowing from real life? Or is it merely a coincidence? You decide…


Pictured: Mural (Top), Video Game Stage Select Screen (Bottom)

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Halloween, John Carpenter

Review: Rob Zombie’s Halloween

Dear Readers,

In reviewing this film, I have no qualm comparing Zombie’s Halloween with Carpenter’s Halloween. In fact, I think that anyone that watches this film will inevitably suffer through the same comparison. To those of you that say the two films should be judged independently of one another, I say there is no way to dissever the two. You don’t “re-imagine” a film and hope that it stands as on its own. If you want to create something that stands on its own, you create something new.

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